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Coronavirus And How You Can Still Achieve Your Small Business Goals


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The coronavirus pandemic has been increasing rapidly, with new cases coming in every few minutes. As the circumstances progress, many small-scale entrepreneurs are uncertain of what to do to minimize risk, protect their employees, continue providing customer service, and ultimately continue to achieve their small business goals.

Below is a list of points and quick steps you can take to be able to save your small business and still achieve your business goals despite the growing pandemic.

Connect regularly and openly with your customers

All of us are confronting this pandemic together, so be open to your customers about how your business is doing. Customers are human too, and they can feel what you’re feeling, especially if you’re a brand that they’ve learned to patronize. Just communicate regularly and keep the lines open.

Create work options

There are a lot of people that are now working from home, and there are many tools that business owners can get on the web for free. Use these tools to keep in touch with your team so you can continue working productively despite the remote situation. Enforce remote work policies that encompass your team’s working hours, ways to communicate, and the tasks that each team member is accountable for completing at the end of the day.

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Decrease travel and physical meetings

Protect yourself and your employees from potential exposure to the virus by canceling physical meetings and instead go for videoconferences. Also, cancel scheduled business trips. If your employees get sick as a result of your travel or conference, you could get sued for negligence, or you are obliged to approve ill leave requests.

Be flexible to your employees.

School closures are happening across the world, along with shops, businesses, and offices. With most countries declining financially, you will have to be versatile with your employees in terms of work hours and how tasks are done. Some of them may need to leave suddenly to attend to their children, or others might have kids that they need to prepare food for. Some may be single parents who are juggling work and family chores. Be as understanding as you can be when these things come up and have a plan B in situations where you are short of employees.

Practice proper hygiene

Help stop the spread of COVID-19 through these health tips from the Center for Disease Control:

  • Wash your hands regularly. This is especially important if you still go to the office for some days. You and your employees should wash your hands with soap and water when you come in and out of the workplace, as much as you possibly can.
  • Avoid handshakes and use any non-contact method of saying hi or greeting someone.
  • Frequently disinfect surfaces, including tables, doorknobs, POS systems, and handrails, among others.
  • Avoid touching your face and always tell your employees to do the same.

Source: army.mil

Try an online sales marketing technique.

Companies that are pushed to face the reality of COVID-19 closures have revealed how they survived the crisis. As shops and offices shut their doors and employees advised to shelter in place, small business entrepreneurs tried a different method to avoid losses. Popular cosmetics companies, for example, are among the most affected, with most of them closing 40% of their physical stores. However, their digital shops, which they have created since the economic decline, have caused a fantastic increase in their online sales to nearly 200%. If you’re on the verge of closing your small business, find means to even your income and the salaries of your employees by selling online, using videos to advertise your products visually, and utilize your email list and reach new networks and customers.

Envision a long-term plan for your businesses

China and a few other countries are slowly starting to regain momentum economically. However, the rest of the countries are still struggling to recover the losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It has created a ripple effect that will be evident in most of the world for a while. Find the courage to talk with your suppliers, business partners, and investors regularly. Additionally, stay connected with your local officials so you can learn more about taking precautions and steps to protect your business and your employees from the dangers of COVID-19. It may take a while before you can fully get back on your feet, but if you continue reaching for those goals, you will find ways to help it survive and thrive.




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