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How Can I Protect My Business In The Face Of A Pandemic?

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During these challenging times, it is crucial than ever to protect and handle your online business smartly to get ahead with the recent transformations in the market due to the COVID-19 as well as the existing challenges that the online business poses regularly.

A tragedy first and a business ordeal second, COVID-19 has quickly become a global crisis that has affected millions of people as well as big and small businesses all over the world. Undeniably, it has had a tremendous impact on the world economy, even to online giants Google and Amazon. Retailers have been forced to close up, and the entertainment arena sales have significantly dropped to its lowest.

In light of the situation, a lot of hackers are currently attempting to take advantage of the outbreak and have started operating underground. They found ways to provide fake discounts on products and services utilizing malicious software. COVID-19 related domains have also been popping out, 50% of which are most likely malicious compared to other domains.

This is why it is important to ready yourselves and protect your online business to survive this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some ways you can do that.

Keep Track Of Your Online Presence

This has not been the time for entrepreneurs to say ‘business as usual.’ But managing your online presence will certainly keep your customers up-to-date through your website profile, modifying the way you present your products and services, and engaging in chats and answering comments to increase your presence and your customer base as well.

Boost Your Online Security Measures

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You may not have been worried about someone hacking your website before, but you should be now. This global crisis has opened a door for cyber attacks, as more people are encouraged to work in their homes. Phishing and scamming are rapidly increasing and taking advantage of our need to be informed about COVID-19. Cybercriminals sometimes pose as World Health Organization representatives and attempt to acquire email recipients for financial details or open attachments that end up to be system exploits.

Make Adjustments To Your Online Store And Customer Service

During these times, you should be ready with overwhelming orders online, especially if you’re selling goods or doing food deliveries. You might need to purchase apps to help speed your online system of acquiring orders. If you’re thinking of adding something to sell, consider medical supplies and household appliances. As more and more brick and mortar stores close down temporarily, beefing up your customer service is key.

Set Your Mind To Work At Home

The coronavirus outbreak has become a game-changer for many businesses, as it has pushed different companies to work remotely. Work-at-home setups are the recent trend, so it would be best to transform your business to stay ahead of the situation. Find an area in your home to designate as your office where you keep relevant documents and items that are essential for your business. Also, make sure that you back up your data on your system so you won’t lose anything if ever you’ll be having internet problems at home. Finally, identify your productive hours and spread them throughout the day. This way, you’ll know when to leave work and do your role as a mother and spouse.

Seek Help And Give It When Necessary

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Now is not the time to be with yourself and by yourself. If there’s the best time to help each other, it is now. If, on the other hand, you are encountering problems with your business and need advice from others, don’t hesitate to ask psychologists for mental help. (Note: BetterHelp is an excellent source of that.) Various entrepreneurs are also willing to share their experiences to help others. Financial-wise, grants and financial assistance programs are also available to help out small business owners, so they thrive during these trying times.

In the midst of this crisis, it is crucial to stay in touch with your clients and strive to provide the best of your products and services. Keep in mind the pieces of the advice supplied above when you create or transform your marketing strategies to stay on top of the pandemic.




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