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How To Become An Influencer In Instagram And Earn Money Part 1


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There are a lot of famous Instagram influencers who are known to charge large amounts of a fee that can reach up to $25,000 per Instagram post. Some might even be making more. But why? It is only an Instagram post, right? Well, that’s wrong. Instagram is a platform where brands can be promoted primarily as it has more than 800 million active monthly users. These are the people brands target.

Influencers can influence people’s purchases through recommendations, thus their name. There is a list of influencers on Instagram that ranks the most effective at influencing consumers. This kind of job seems so good and tempting to do, so if you’re planning on becoming one but don’t know how to, this can guide you.

Here are some tips on how to be an Instagram influencer:

Choose A Niche That You’re Passionate About

Before jumping into posting, you must first know the niche that will suit your personality. This niche has to be something you’re interested in and know a lot about.

Don’t just copy what is popular. Don’t post about fitness just because people who do that have a lot of followers. If you’re good at DIY crafts, then post about that. If you’re passionate about food or fashion trends, then choose that. Choose the thing that would be you and not others.

But you can combine niches too as long as they don’t become messy and random. Try combining niches about traveling, fashion, and food.

Create A Noteworthy Bio

If you have already picked your niche, it’s time to start on making your Instagram account. When making one, remember that your bio has to be unique that it will capture people’s attention the moment they see it.

It’s also one of the first things people, especially followers and brands will see on your account, so it has to stand out.

Good influencers and bloggers know how to make a compelling Instagram bio.

Share Your Stories

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Don’t just post photos. A good Instagram influencer doesn’t do just that. Sure having good images in your post is important but having a good caption is just as important if not more. This is what can make them stay and engage with you.

But don’t try to fake your stories though just to engage with them. Be genuine even in telling your story because people can see through you. Try sharing interesting but authentic stories instead.

An example of this is how an influencer and travel blogger tells her story of how she travels despite having a pre-existing medical condition. Her followers engaged with this post of hers the most and brands love seeing high engagement rates more than top followers.

Make Your Instafeed Appealing

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If you’re familiar with how Instagram works, your Instagram account should both have photos that are aesthetic and appealing but at the same time follow a theme. Your photos should complement each other in your feed.

Influencers tend to edit their photos in a single and particular style so that the colors of their posts are uniform. There are tools like VCSO and Lightroom that can help you with this. Or you can just use the filters on Instagram.

Post Content Consistently

The amount of content you put out is also vital for you to become an influencer on Instagram. Most of the time, influencers put out content daily, but there are also some that only post a few times in a week or a day. The frequency of your posts affect your engagement rates, but when choosing your posting schedule, you have to choose carefully as you would need to stick to this.

If you can’t stick to your schedule due to reasons, there are tools like Buffer, Planoly, Preview, and Ripl that can help schedule your posts.

More tips to follow on the next blog: How To Become An Influencer On Instagram And Earn Money Part 2.

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