Effective Market Strategies

Marketing Your Startup Business With Little Or No Cost


A big part of a fruitful startup business strategy is the way one markets. If you’re new, you’ll still have difficulty finding ways to bring your business to your customers without a large amount of money. In the first place, you might not believe that you can’t market with a meager budget, but the good news is that you can. Verbal advertising, for instance, doesn’t need you to spend a cent, but it does yield awesome results.

Here’s a list of ways that you can market your brand or business with just a little or no cost at all.

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Establish Connection

One of the most important goals in business is to truly connect with your market. A powerful way to achieve this is through social media. You can begin exposing your business for free to your friends, friends of friends, and significant others through your personal page. Do this on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Establish as many connections as you can – take advantage of the free method of expanding your brand.

Offline, participating in community events, workshops and sponsorships are not costly at all. Maybe you could spare a few dollars to have some brochures and flyers printed to distribute to the people participating in the events. It’s important to be visible in these community activities to spread the news about your business and connect you with influential people who can act as channels for better opportunities.

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Achieve Customer Satisfaction

When customers are satisfied with your product, marketing opportunities become easier to reach. Providing excellent services to the public is clearly a powerful method of expanding your business for free. But to do this, you must be committed and knowledgeable about your brand. Only then will you be able to successfully satisfy your customers and receive great reviews that will further progress you to the business ladder.

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Be Kind And Pleasant

This technique is so common that you think it shouldn’t be listed, but it must be – that’s how significant it is for your business to flourish. Kindness, open-mindedness, and a welcome smile should be your representation of your business. When you’re face to face with your clients, for example, you don’t just depend on your words but also on nonverbal communication – the comfort that your smile brings to your customers, your approachability, that firm handshake to show confidence, and a tone of voice that is firm and genuine to show that you know your brand and you believe in it.


Learn And Share What You’ve Learned

Knowing more about your product or business would definitely help you stay ahead or on par with your competitors. When you have the knowledge about what’s new and what’s hot in the industry, you will be able to talk sensibly to your potential and existing clients as well. You don’t have to limit yourself to your brand and area of business. Expand your knowledge and learn about other things, even those that are outside of your scope. Learning a new language, for example, might soon be an asset to you in the future. Do you want to learn for free? Then visit the city or community library, or better yet, ask Google.

With the knowledge that you’ve gathered, you can now share it with others. This way, you’re helping them and you’re helping your brand expand its reach for free. If you are seasoned enough to deal with customers asking for expert advice, they will trust that they won’t be wasting their money on their investment. They will be able to recognize your brand, value it, and share your brand with others as well.


In the world of business, entrepreneurs create their own fates and pave their own paths. If yours is a small business composed of people with the same passion, the same dreams, and a flourishing business. These businesses contribute to society in many ways. So go ahead and push yourself to start your business today!





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