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Why Entrepreneurs Must Practice Mindfulness


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Close your eyes and focus on the silence. Once you feel you are with yourself, take a deep breath, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. As you are doing this slowly, check your bodily sensations and position from head to toe through mental focus. Notice the sensation you are feeling from the head, face, and neck down to the shoulders, arms, and fingers. Then proceed to feel the sensation on your hips, thighs, legs, and knees down to your ankles, feet, and toes. Really concentrate on noticing the sensation of your breath moving through the nose and out of your mouth.

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Mindfulness Amidst The Business Turmoil

The short session described in the introduction was part of a breathing exercise, which is an example of a mindfulness technique. It is the practice of keeping an in-the-present awareness of your own emotions, body sensations, thoughts, and your environment through a space of peace and calm.

In the past, mindfulness was a word that was often associated with the practice of yoga and Buddhism. However, it has rapidly become a hot topic in the majority of the United States. Entrepreneurs, particularly, have come to realize that the mindfulness is one of the most effective ways of battling with the long hours of meetings, presentations, round-the-clock business calls, and just the whole gamut of the business culture itself. They soon found out that their stress levels had somehow decreased when they incorporated the practice of mindfulness into their days.

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The Hustle And Exhaustion Of The Entrepreneur

Whether you’re a big or small-scale entrepreneur, you are continuously pushed to move forward. You run where the progress is and always updated with the market issues. You see, other fellow businessmen succeed and set higher goals to target more profit, gain more position in the business world, and increase the reach of their enterprise.

Business analysts say that in their years of research, they have seldom seen company owners, executives, and other types of entrepreneurs who don’t complain of exhaustion at some point in their business career. A lot of these individuals have also lost relationships and dove deep down like they’re not going back up. They don’t stop until their bodies give up. It is perhaps because once you are in the field of business, you will realize soon enough that change doesn’t possibly happen within just 40 hours of the week. It requires taking slow, but sure moves to achieve one’s goals. It is not by taking the easy path, and it that success does not depend on productivity alone. How you have achieved your goals, and who and what you consider relevant in your life do matter.

The Mindfulness Practice

Can you remember the last time you were completely in the moment – when you were intently listening to a song without checking your email or stalking someone on Facebook? It is not the goal of mindfulness to force or to pressure, but only to remind entrepreneurs and others who are too busy to take time for the moment that a lot of what we are looking for is already in front of us – right now.

The now is real and can be felt. It is the sensation of one making the first bite of an apple. It is in connecting with your senses when we effectively begin to feel peaceful. Like your breathing techniques that shift your attention back to your body, a little time to be mindful can genuinely improve your focus, regulate your emotions, and help you increase your entrepreneurial drive to achieve your life-long dreams.





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