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10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs That You Can Do – Part 2

As promised in the previous blog, this is the Part 2 of 10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs That You Can Do. Are you ready to learn of more work-from-home jobs that are profitable? Read on!


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Social Media Manager

Most modern businesses have used social media as a tool to communicate with their customers without paying a lot for print, television or radio advertisements. Someone who can manage a business account in social media isn’t always readily available. Some business owners are even their very own social media manager which is tiring, and full of work.

This is the very reason why business owners or their administrators hire social media people to manage their accounts. If you are equipped in that area, then, you can apply for it.


Data Entry Worker

Workers who can follow instructions when it comes to transmitting and inputting data, whether the data is going to be used to track inventory or to make business plans and measure output, can become a data entry worker. Data encoding workers can work from home comfortably, at their own choice of time. A computer and typing skills are merely what they need.


Representative (Call Center)

Lots of companies are in need of workers who can answer phones and assist clients with their inquiries regarding the services being offered by the business. These workers are called customer service representatives. Some of them work from home while others work in an office like a call center.

This job requires a computer and may also need a state of the art software. It is also a plus to have experience in retail sales, data entry, management, and customer service. Glassdoor (the website) says that call center workers usually earn a basic pay of $30,000 each year with basic salary and commission.



Blogging is different compared to other jobs. You need to design and make the blog yourself if you’re not going to ask assistance from a web designer. In some instances, many blogs earn nothing for years. In this case, it doesn’t gain much profit, but with the right tools, you can make your blog a money pit.

Numerous potential writers can build an audience, grow a website, monetize it as well as start earning. Some of the ways that bloggers can generate money are as follows: sponsored posts, affiliate advertising, ads and sales of products with domains that cost $12 each year while web hosting costs around $7.99 each month. A great way to start your business is by owning a blog.


How To Find Legit Virtual Jobs

It’s essential to have a complete resume when looking for virtual jobs. You must give links to the work that you’ve done before or have posted online. Sites that offer legit jobs include Upwork, Freelancer, FlexJobs, Fiverr, CloudPeeps, and more.


Is The Job A Scam?

There may be many jobs that are legit, but some scams still exist. Be very careful when providing your services. Make sure the payment is verified, or make your client pay in advance either partially or in full. For sites like Upwork, they offer hourly or milestone jobs which make sure that you get paid.

National Consumers League and the Fraud websites state some ways on how to deal with it and the red flags to watch out for when looking for an internet-based job:


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Research: It is essential to know who you’re working for which is why you have to research and find out more about the company before engaging in it.


References: Ask around about the company through social media, and if they aren’t willing to give information, it may be suspicious.


Before handing out money, think very carefully: Some jobs may mandate some equipment purchase. If this happens, then, make sure what product you are purchasing and why you need to buy it. Ask if there is a refund policy or installment payments for it, though. There are already many different platforms online that can detect and recognize job scams. Still, be vigilant.


Thanks to technology, home-based work is convenient, and it’s become available for everyone. You’ll first need to do some digging and enhance your skills required for the different jobs that you want to apply for in the future.

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