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10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs That You Can Do – Part 1

A few years back, home based jobs weren’t that profitable. Before freelance platforms for businesses stormed the internet, it was tough to distinguish between legit jobs and those shady ones. Some job offers were not legitimate. There are also jobs which request payment for the materials like shopping – at times, you don’t exactly know what type of shopping you are supposed to do. Other scams involve asking for registration fees, but really, there is no job offer.


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There will always be sketchy and suspicious online jobs, but because of technology and social media businesses, real work-from-home jobs have emerged. Given the fact that nearly 50 percent of millennials are doing freelance work, research conducted by Upwork predicted that a majority of the working class Will do freelance jobs in the next ten years.


If you are willing to invest in the coming days with your useful skills, here are some real virtual jobs that you can do from home:


Virtual Assistant

In this digital age, numerous businesses are operating, and most are visible online. It is not a surprise anymore that business owners will hire virtual assistants who can help them with administrative, marketing and sales, content and more.

A virtual assistant’s job may vary. Such tasks include responding and composing to inquiries, media, emails, and dispensing business documents, writing content (if the VA has writing skills) and so many more. The going rate is from $15 to $75 per hour, and yes, the pay will vary. It will depend on your employer and the required skills for the task.


Medical Transcriptionist

While numerous medical transcriptionist jobs are at hospitals or medical offices, most of them can work from home, anytime and anywhere. They only need a desk, an earpiece, and a laptop or computer after finishing a secondary medical transcription program since their tasks involve transcribing recorded medical dictation.

Medical transcriptionists can find jobs from their nearest physician offices, hospitals or local colleges. There are also jobs posted online from freelance websites. Yes, medical transcriptionists online are self-employed.



Although many people need a college degree for this, translators must be fluent on at least two tongues, one of which is English, the universal language.


Web Developer

When there are lots of opportunities online, it’s pretty easy to look for learning opportunities as well. But people don’t have the luxury of time, and they also don’t know how to build a website so, for those who know how to do it, they make a profit from developing the sites. Statistics proved that 16% of web developers were self-employed in 2016, and a majority of them can work from their respective homes or in a place where there is a secure internet connection.

You usually do not need an advanced degree to be involved in this field of specialization. You must possess postsecondary experience, education and a portfolio of the sites you have created or managed.


Travel Agent

While the demand for travel agents may decrease in the next couple of years, they can still use the internet to market travel and tours and help their clients.


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Freelance Writer

Writers are in demand for content creation, new articles and creative thoughts that will grace the pages of various websites. Although more successful sites have some regular writers, many still get their content and articles by hiring freelance writers. The writing experience is essential, and you need the inspiration, motivation, creativity, innovative thinking and the drive to create content.

You will also need a collection of your work with samples of your writing in it to put in your resume or cover letter for a higher chance of getting hired. Writing fees vary in place of the freelancer and the job itself. Numerous writers earn $15 for each for a 300-word article while some can go as high as $1500.


Part 2 of this article will tackle more work-from-home job ideas. Up next!

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