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10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business


Do not confine your business to a limited range of customers. Expanding your audience can bring great benefits starting from increasing your revenue to grow your business.

Here are ten ways social media can help grow your business:

Social Media Can Help Get The Word Out.

With social media, your business reaches people even if they are miles and oceans away. It will spread the word out about your business. With that, you can build a strong relationship with your target audience who in return will spread the news about your business to their friends, family and social media connections. Exposing your business to some people brings an excellent advantage.

Social Media Is Popular, And You Can Use To Your Advantage.

82% of small business owners are using social media as a marketing strategy. Take, for instance, Facebook. There are 1.7 million active users each month. Small business owners have taken advantage of Facebook with their marketing as almost everybody has access to it. Through social media, you can reach your customer.

Social Media Is Cost-Effective.

Marketing through social media is a cheap form of advertising. You don’t need to spend on papers and printing to reach your targeted audience. Social media will expose your business, help you reach more people, increase your customer base and expand your business with less expense.


Social Media Reaches All Ages And Demographics.

According to Pew Research Center (2015), 65% of adults are using social media. More likely, almost everyone is logging in a particular social media application and is just waiting to see your post about your business.

Social Media Encourages Two-Way Interaction.

Your audience can ask questions about your business and also give you feedback or suggestions. With the help of social media, you also get to learn about their interests. You will no longer need to pick up your phone and call back your potential clients to answer their inquiry as with the use of social media, you can reply immediately.

Social Media Users Are Active.

Based on Informate Mobile Intelligence report, social media users check their accounts 17 times a day which means that they are really on it and there is no way for them not to get to know about your business.

Social Media Lets You Share A LOT About Your Business.

The profile of your business is made public via social media. You can post the most updated information about your products and services or if there are upcoming events.


Social Media Immediate Response Is The Best Customer Service.

With social media, you can provide a quick response to the queries of your audience which is very important so you can build a strong relationship with them. Ensuring that all questions of your audience are not left unnoticed, it will make your audience feel that you are really into them.

Social Media Can Boost Your Email Marketing.

Email marketing has a great contribution to leveling up your business when it comes to building a strong relationship with your audience. You can reach a vast number of people by sharing your newsletter to various social platforms.

Social Media Is Anywhere And Everywhere.

Most of the social media apps that people are using are accessible via mobile phones. So, if people would want to search for food to eat or product to buy, information is just a click away. What I mean is, people are using social media not just to share updates about their lives but to search for businesses too that can satisfy their needs.

With this, hopefully, you understand why social media can help you grow your business.

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